Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Travel Dates!

I thought it was time for a new post on our blog!

We will be traveling very soon to Eastern Europe to meet our children.  We fly out on Friday August 4, 2017.  Our DAP appointment is on Monday.  After Monday we will travel to the region to meet our girls.  We will spend some time bonding and getting to know our girls.  The length of our travels is unknown at this point but were hoping this first trip will last a a week and a half or so.  We are also planning to spend some time with our friends in the region who we know including a missionary we stayed with last time who has become like a sister to me overtime.

Our second trip will take place the end of August or early September we hope.  That trip will include court and we hope pick up trip!

Please keep our family in your prayers.  Pray for Jacob and I that we have safe travels.  Also pray for our kids at home that they have a good time with friends and family and that they do well while we are away.  We know they are in good hands.

We are currently also at this time not fully funded and so any financial help would be greatly appreciated. Please keep a watch on here for new post so you can follow our journey to bringing our children home!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Submitted - Soon Kaila & Connie will have a Mommy & Daddy and 7 Awesome Sisters!

We have been officially registered and submitted to the government in Eastern Europe where Kaila & Connie are.  What this means is that we have about 3 months until we will travel give or take a bit of time because summer in Eastern Europe is filled with a lot of holidays and vacations.  There is also a lot of family that are going to be submitted soon expedited and because of their children's medical needs their travel dates will likely be given first before us.  That means we should be meeting our girls in early August is the plan!


If anyone would like to help with finances we would greatly appreciate any help that can be provided. There is a link on the right hand side for donations!

Our total adoption cost when we started were estimated at around 35,000 but with our savings, Jacob's work adoption benefit , Jacob's bonus he hoping he will get, and Tax Returns we brought our need down to 10,000.

We have about $500 in our FSP.  This means we have about $9,500 left to go without creating additional debt for our family!  We are planning an auction in June or very early July at this point but we have only a single donation so far so any help would be awesome to get us there!

Also before we leave in August we will probably try to fill a couple suitcases full of donations for the orphanage.  Most of the kids at this orphanage are under 8.  So we will be looking for fall and winter donations like clothing and shoes, and as always new socks and new underwear.  We are also going to reach out to our dentist to see if they are willing to donate tooth brushes and tooth paste!

Monday, April 24, 2017

The mail!

Today I ran to the mail box while on the phone with a friend to get the mail!  To my surprise only 6 days after receiving confirms that we had immigration approval to adopt I actually had the physical document from immigration stating this.  I quickly ended my phone call with a dear friend who truly understood the urgency of getting things done.  I got shoes on the girls and off we drove to St. Paul to get this special document apostilled.

I got in the Secretary of State office with the girls and their was absolutely no line.  I quickly walked to the counter and told the lady this is our final document to apostille before we can bring our two girls home.  She congratulated me and quickly worked to get the document ready for us.  While waiting I sat and read stories to the girls. The staff were just watching with smiles especially at how expressive Cossette was saying certain lines she remembered of the story The Little Critters "I was so mad"!  It was so fun to just reflect on so far she and her sister have come.

Shortly later we walked out with the documents.  I asked the three youngest for a photo!  Some were not being very helpful.  Cossette proudly held up our final apostilled document and smiled from ear to ear.  I snapped her photo and then told her this was the piece of paper we need to go get her sisters in Eastern Europe.  When I told her I wish I could have recorded this moment her eye lit up and she yelled Yay! really loud.  The lady across the hall smiled and said congratulations.

We left and drove the 40 minutes drive home and then I dropped of the little kids with my husband and picked up Gabriella.  Gabriella wanted to spend time with mom since she missed me.  So I took her to the post office and she got to proudly share our final envelope of paper that we shipped to a traveling family to delivery to the government in Eastern Europe to approve us on the other side.

Now there will be nothing left to do on American soil for the next 12 weeks except fundraise and wait this long wait for our daughters who are just waiting for their mommy and daddy.  Our girls have been openly praying at the dinner table for their sisters' safety and that everything will work smoothly.  We will continue as a family to do the same.  Soon enough we will all be under one roof sharing meals together, love, laughter, hugs, and kisses, and about Gods love!  That day can not come soon enough!

In the mean time if you would like to donate there is a link on the side of our page to do this.  Also we are planning for an online auction in June.  We would gladly accept donations for this too and would greatly appreciate any help at making this event successful.  We are not going to go crazy on fundraising this adoption but we are just trusting in God that he will provide all we need and on his time!

Now I leave you with our girls photos from today!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I got a call from our immigration officer today.  I was a bit worried because when I called this morning to check the status a male officer answered the phone.  He told me that he would be in charge of our case and he would be looking it over today to tomorrow.  He would then e-mail me with his findings.  I told him great and that I looked forward to hearing from him!

Just when I got ready to lay down to take a nap as I am super tired today I get a voicemail from a female immigrations officer who said she was in charge of our case.  I was like well that seems odd.  She asked me to call her back to discuss our case.  Panic set in because why did our officer get switched.  Why is she asking me to call her back?  So I ran to call her.

She is a sweet lady.  She told me our case somehow got assigned to two officers and that she told him she would take it because she more experienced with I-600a cases. She told me she loves reading adoption home studies.  She informed me she loved reading about our current family and the plans for it to grow! 

Now for the news!  She said that she was approving our home study and that our immigration approval will be in the mail.  She said we can expect it in 7-10 days!  Our golden ticket is coming!  Kaila and Connie, mommy and daddy are coming to get you!  We can wait to meet you and hold you!

Monday, April 17, 2017

We are growing by 4 more feet!

Two little sisters on the other side of the ocean in Eastern Europe are waiting for a mommy and daddy! They have no clue we are coming.  They in fact will not know until we most likely arrive.  Although it saddens us to know they do not know their mommy and daddy are coming we know it to protect the children from heart ache if something were to happen and the parents were not able to complete their adoption.

We can tell you though that Kaila and Connie very much long for a mommy and daddy.  They are going to be 4 & 8 years old this year.  We are just waiting on immigration approval which we anticipate will happen within the next two weeks. Then we should be submitted to government in the country they live in.  We hope we can travel in August 2017 to meet them!

We will post here and on our facebook any fundraisers we have planned but at this point please keep praying for our girls their health, safety, and their openness to change.  Pray for us in this wait to as at times it can get very long.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

An Adair Family Update!

I thought it was time for an update. Everyone is doing amazing!  Our new daughters have meshed in so beautifully with our family and it like they always been part of our family.  They are bonding, growing, thriving and simply amazing.

Rebecca is 10 years old.  She loves science especially plants and animals.  She very very smart.  In her free time she enjoys teaching herself to read English or playing Minecraft!

Jadalyn is 9 years old.  She loves math.  She is very good at school but enjoys learning at home more.  She loves playing Minecraft, reading, and finding new games to learn.

Joyanna is 8 years old.  She is super loving and especially loves little kids whether it be her younger sisters or her little cousin Trevin.  She is mature and responsible and can always be counted on to help out where ever she is needed.  Her favorite past time is sitting in mom's lap cuddling or drawing.

Gabriella is almost 7 years old.  She loves learning to read.  She also enjoy singing.  She often is spent playing with her big sisters especially Joyanna.

Cossette is a playful 6 year olds.  She is kind to everyone she plays with and is the first to notice someone who is hurt.  Her favorite activities are singing and pretend play.

Sierra is 5 years old.  She is smart and can't wait to go to school.  She working hard to teach herself to ride her bike.  She plays often with Marlys or Cossette or whoever will let her!

Marlys is 3 years old.  She the baby in every way at this point. She not great about sharing stuff, throw fits, and uses her cuteness baby behavior to try to get her way especially with Joyanna.  She is growing though every day and learning she can't always have her way!

We have been blessed!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Our family has grown by 6 little feet!

We are excited to share that in a court room this morning in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine we became parents again to three amazing sisters. Our 9 year old daughter Rebecca Nadiya Adair (she just like her mommy in every way), our 7 year old daughter Joyanna Lubov Adair (she just like her daddy) , and our 5 year old daughter Cossette Alexandra Adair (she definitely a mix of us)! We also have had an amazing team working for us especially Irina Sikan and a great adoption friendly judge told Irina she loved our family! The judge was able to waive our 10 day wait so in a couple days (Monday or Tuesday we will hopefully be picking up our girls after we finish up their birth certificates and apply for passports. Then we will need to complete embassy appointments, medical appointments, and get their visas so we can come home. Pray that everything goes forward without any hiccups! We anticipate this last process to take 11-12 days! It was an amazing day. We definitely have felt the power of prayer and God's hand in this entire process so far. Keep those prayers coming though we will need them with all the new stuff going forward.