Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Homestudy is Complete

We finished today with a call from our Homestudy Agency letting us know that our Homestudy was signed and ready for pick-up.  I rushed over there after my chiropractor appointment and picked it up and organized the mess of papers.

Tomorrow our little 4 year old Sierra will have her brain shunt removed first thing tomorrow morning.  Pray that things go smoothly for her and that we can come home like planned.  Surgery in the past has not gone well for her.  When they placed the shunt she had horrible headaches afterwards. So we pray that there is not a repeat or any other complications for her.

Tomorrow I  plan to Apostle a couple documents included our homestudies for Eastern Europe.  Then I plan to mail a copy of our homestudy to immigration and I will also be overnight a large amount of documents to another family traveling to Eastern Europe this weekend.  That way the documents can start being translated while we wait to finish up things.

Our FBI clearance is in VA being apostle and then we will mail this this Eastern Europe when we get it back.

After tomorrow we will wait to be given an appointment to go to the immigration office for our 3rd and final set of finger prints. (1st set was for Adam Walsh child abuse clearance, 2nd set was FBI clearance, and now our 3rd set is for immigration clearance)

Finally step will be receiving our immigration clearance which we will them submit to our country in Eastern Europe.  We will them wait to be invited out to the country we are adopting from for our appointment and this is where we will hopefully receive our official referral. :)


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