Thursday, January 28, 2016

Postmarked & Sierra Surgery was a Success & Prayers for Jacob

Our package of documents for USCIS Immigration was mailed today and will be on their desk Monday morning by 10:30 am.  Also I overnighted a huge amount of documents to another family traveling to Eastern Europe on Monday who will hand deliver them to our team over there for translating and preparing them for submission.

Sierra brain shunt removal surgery went great.  She cried and screamed at the top of her lungs in recovery and took a very long time to settle this morning.  Once we left there and after a very long nap she has been back to her self completely playing, laughing, giggle, and having a good night.

Prayers for Jacob he has come down with a nasty cold and feels like crap today.  Pray this is short lived and he truly take the time he needs to get better then to over due it.  He tends to not slow down when not feeling well as his response is "things still need to get done" as I am sure his co-workers know about him.  This normally result in him not feeling well longer.  Thankfully he has one more day of work and a long weekend to try to feel better. He is an awesome husband and daddy and simply just needs to know when he needs to take time to feel better.

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