Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Cost of Adoption and our finances

We want to be honest with everyone where we stand financially and where our needs are.

The total cost of our adoption we are estimating to be around $41,000 with includes the cost of a new family van (5,000) to hold a family of 9.  We have used already about $3,500 from saving and have an additional 6,500 available to use. We also know Jacob's work will provide adoption reimbursement after the fact of 10,000 and anticipate having an additional 5,000 in personal money to contribute after taxes/annual bonus which we can take out in a short term loan.  With this being said our adoption goal is around $41,00-25,000= $16,000 to try to raise to avoid taking out any long term loans.  If you feel called to help financially we would greatly appreciate it.  If not prayers are just as much appreciate during this process.

Specific prayer request:

That our three girls we hope to bring home from Eastern Europe stay safe, cared for, and the missionaries and staff will love them unconditionally in our absences.   That the missionaries and staff continue to prepare their hearts for a potential family to come for them.  (They do not know and will not know we are coming until basically we arrive)

That our girls at home hearts are prepared for all the changes that will take place when they happen. That also family/friend will reach out and step up and support their grandpa in caring for our 4 girls at home during our absence.

That we lean on God during this process.  For energy to not grow weary during this process and as little snags and delays as possible.


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