Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Taco Benefit Dinner Grand Totals! Plus we are submitted in the country our girls live!

Last night was our major fundraiser.  We had a good night and had a lot of support from friends and family.  We were able to raise a total of $1800 dollars.  Thanks everyone who was able to donate items for the silent auction, money, and their time to make this event possible!  Special thanks to family and Jacob's co-worker, Mike, who helped work at the benefit. We would not have been able to do this without EVERY SINGLE one of you.

Also on March 10th our Dossier was submitted to the government in the country where our girls reside.  We are now just waiting a bit impatiently for a travel date.  Normally travel dates are given 2-4 weeks after submission.  So most likely in the next two weeks hopefully we will hear when we will travel.

Tonight we leave you with a couple photo favorites!  Thanks to everyone who joined us!
Our friend and a fellow Reece's Rainbow family joined us for our event!
Above is 6 of their 7 kids!
 The Baerbocks brought home Elizabeth (Eloise) and Daniel (Philip)!
All the kids are growing and thriving and even learned a bit about Silent Auction Bidding!
Serving Tacos!

The Dessert Served
A view of some of our Silent Auction Items

Love Has No Limits

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