Thursday, April 13, 2017

An Adair Family Update!

I thought it was time for an update. Everyone is doing amazing!  Our new daughters have meshed in so beautifully with our family and it like they always been part of our family.  They are bonding, growing, thriving and simply amazing.

Rebecca is 10 years old.  She loves science especially plants and animals.  She very very smart.  In her free time she enjoys teaching herself to read English or playing Minecraft!

Jadalyn is 9 years old.  She loves math.  She is very good at school but enjoys learning at home more.  She loves playing Minecraft, reading, and finding new games to learn.

Joyanna is 8 years old.  She is super loving and especially loves little kids whether it be her younger sisters or her little cousin Trevin.  She is mature and responsible and can always be counted on to help out where ever she is needed.  Her favorite past time is sitting in mom's lap cuddling or drawing.

Gabriella is almost 7 years old.  She loves learning to read.  She also enjoy singing.  She often is spent playing with her big sisters especially Joyanna.

Cossette is a playful 6 year olds.  She is kind to everyone she plays with and is the first to notice someone who is hurt.  Her favorite activities are singing and pretend play.

Sierra is 5 years old.  She is smart and can't wait to go to school.  She working hard to teach herself to ride her bike.  She plays often with Marlys or Cossette or whoever will let her!

Marlys is 3 years old.  She the baby in every way at this point. She not great about sharing stuff, throw fits, and uses her cuteness baby behavior to try to get her way especially with Joyanna.  She is growing though every day and learning she can't always have her way!

We have been blessed!

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