Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I got a call from our immigration officer today.  I was a bit worried because when I called this morning to check the status a male officer answered the phone.  He told me that he would be in charge of our case and he would be looking it over today to tomorrow.  He would then e-mail me with his findings.  I told him great and that I looked forward to hearing from him!

Just when I got ready to lay down to take a nap as I am super tired today I get a voicemail from a female immigrations officer who said she was in charge of our case.  I was like well that seems odd.  She asked me to call her back to discuss our case.  Panic set in because why did our officer get switched.  Why is she asking me to call her back?  So I ran to call her.

She is a sweet lady.  She told me our case somehow got assigned to two officers and that she told him she would take it because she more experienced with I-600a cases. She told me she loves reading adoption home studies.  She informed me she loved reading about our current family and the plans for it to grow! 

Now for the news!  She said that she was approving our home study and that our immigration approval will be in the mail.  She said we can expect it in 7-10 days!  Our golden ticket is coming!  Kaila and Connie, mommy and daddy are coming to get you!  We can wait to meet you and hold you!

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