Monday, April 24, 2017

The mail!

Today I ran to the mail box while on the phone with a friend to get the mail!  To my surprise only 6 days after receiving confirms that we had immigration approval to adopt I actually had the physical document from immigration stating this.  I quickly ended my phone call with a dear friend who truly understood the urgency of getting things done.  I got shoes on the girls and off we drove to St. Paul to get this special document apostilled.

I got in the Secretary of State office with the girls and their was absolutely no line.  I quickly walked to the counter and told the lady this is our final document to apostille before we can bring our two girls home.  She congratulated me and quickly worked to get the document ready for us.  While waiting I sat and read stories to the girls. The staff were just watching with smiles especially at how expressive Cossette was saying certain lines she remembered of the story The Little Critters "I was so mad"!  It was so fun to just reflect on so far she and her sister have come.

Shortly later we walked out with the documents.  I asked the three youngest for a photo!  Some were not being very helpful.  Cossette proudly held up our final apostilled document and smiled from ear to ear.  I snapped her photo and then told her this was the piece of paper we need to go get her sisters in Eastern Europe.  When I told her I wish I could have recorded this moment her eye lit up and she yelled Yay! really loud.  The lady across the hall smiled and said congratulations.

We left and drove the 40 minutes drive home and then I dropped of the little kids with my husband and picked up Gabriella.  Gabriella wanted to spend time with mom since she missed me.  So I took her to the post office and she got to proudly share our final envelope of paper that we shipped to a traveling family to delivery to the government in Eastern Europe to approve us on the other side.

Now there will be nothing left to do on American soil for the next 12 weeks except fundraise and wait this long wait for our daughters who are just waiting for their mommy and daddy.  Our girls have been openly praying at the dinner table for their sisters' safety and that everything will work smoothly.  We will continue as a family to do the same.  Soon enough we will all be under one roof sharing meals together, love, laughter, hugs, and kisses, and about Gods love!  That day can not come soon enough!

In the mean time if you would like to donate there is a link on the side of our page to do this.  Also we are planning for an online auction in June.  We would gladly accept donations for this too and would greatly appreciate any help at making this event successful.  We are not going to go crazy on fundraising this adoption but we are just trusting in God that he will provide all we need and on his time!

Now I leave you with our girls photos from today!

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