Monday, April 17, 2017

We are growing by 4 more feet!

Two little sisters on the other side of the ocean in Eastern Europe are waiting for a mommy and daddy! They have no clue we are coming.  They in fact will not know until we most likely arrive.  Although it saddens us to know they do not know their mommy and daddy are coming we know it to protect the children from heart ache if something were to happen and the parents were not able to complete their adoption.

We can tell you though that Kaila and Connie very much long for a mommy and daddy.  They are going to be 4 & 8 years old this year.  We are just waiting on immigration approval which we anticipate will happen within the next two weeks. Then we should be submitted to government in the country they live in.  We hope we can travel in August 2017 to meet them!

We will post here and on our facebook any fundraisers we have planned but at this point please keep praying for our girls their health, safety, and their openness to change.  Pray for us in this wait to as at times it can get very long.

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