Thursday, May 4, 2017

Submitted - Soon Kaila & Connie will have a Mommy & Daddy and 7 Awesome Sisters!

We have been officially registered and submitted to the government in Eastern Europe where Kaila & Connie are.  What this means is that we have about 3 months until we will travel give or take a bit of time because summer in Eastern Europe is filled with a lot of holidays and vacations.  There is also a lot of family that are going to be submitted soon expedited and because of their children's medical needs their travel dates will likely be given first before us.  That means we should be meeting our girls in early August is the plan!


If anyone would like to help with finances we would greatly appreciate any help that can be provided. There is a link on the right hand side for donations!

Our total adoption cost when we started were estimated at around 35,000 but with our savings, Jacob's work adoption benefit , Jacob's bonus he hoping he will get, and Tax Returns we brought our need down to 10,000.

We have about $500 in our FSP.  This means we have about $9,500 left to go without creating additional debt for our family!  We are planning an auction in June or very early July at this point but we have only a single donation so far so any help would be awesome to get us there!

Also before we leave in August we will probably try to fill a couple suitcases full of donations for the orphanage.  Most of the kids at this orphanage are under 8.  So we will be looking for fall and winter donations like clothing and shoes, and as always new socks and new underwear.  We are also going to reach out to our dentist to see if they are willing to donate tooth brushes and tooth paste!

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